Lantern: Varenne Glass
Lantern: Varenne Glass
Lantern: Varenne Glass

Lantern: Varenne Glass

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Based on a 1940s antique, this lantern is highly decorative. The glass rods and elaborate internal fitting are beautifully made.



The Varenne Glass Lantern has a cast brass frame with individual glass rods and a mirror base. 

The mirror on the base of the lantern reflects light beautifully.

Pairs with our Tropical Tradition Collection.


Fixture Dimensions: 18.75" H x 18.25" W x 18.25" D
Finish: Brass
Base Material: Brass and Glass

Vendor: Vaughn Designs

Vaughan is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and traditional authentic manufacturing methods. Products are made, assembled, and finished in Britain. The very finest materials, such as solid cast brass as our lamps' base substance, even when plating with nickel. Vaughan lighting and furnishings have a rare depth and richness of finish.