Declaration of Independence Hand-Engraved

'Unanimous Declaration of Independence' [A hand-engraved facsimile]

embossed by the Millenia, numbered and documented edition of 1,200.

Printed in the early 1990s

ENGRAVING SIZE: 31"W x 35"H (78.74 by 88.9 cm.)

by José-María Cundín born 1938
  • FEDERAL STYLE Hand Carved Frame is 23KT Gold Leaf over Blue Clay.
  • Conservation matting and technique with museum quality UV protection plexiglass.
  • 3.50" cove profile, 23KT yellow gold, blue clay, bronze wash, light rub, medium antique and light distress. 
  • In the great tradition of Trumbull, Binns, Tyler, Stone and others who facsimiled or otherwise rendered engraved prints of the exalted document that proclaimed the Independence of the United States of America, José-María Cundín, also, has put together and edited a magnificent engraving of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. [Watch the video.]
This work of art reproduces the character and calligraphy of
a document that shook the world in 1776 and continues, even today,
to offer inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere.
  • A work created by Millennia, founded by José-María Cundín, an international fine arts press dedicated to the publication of documents that have served as the cornerstones of liberty over the last thousand years. 
  • The paper used for this impression has been formulated and handmade exclusively for this edition by the Basque papermaker Villabona, employing age-old traditional techniques. The engravings have been pulled by Taller Mayor of Madrid, using a brass plate hand chiseled by Perico Aspiazu of Elgoibar in the Basque country.
In repeating in exacting detail the courageous and hopeful calligraphy of this great manifesto, in carving the lines, the arcs, and the flourishes of these noble words and signatures, we hope that our artistry has honored both the United States
and the principles upon which this great country was founded.
"A painstaking process to create a homage to mankind's highest imperative: freedom"

Presented in a work of art, the frame is of the American Federal Period (1780-1830) and will increase in value along with the Engraving. To produce a true historical gilt frame, the majority of the labor must be undertaken soley by hand. 


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