Declaration of Independence

A hand-engraved facsimile of 'The Unanimous Declaration of Independence', embossed by the Millenia, numbered and documented limited edition of 1,200 copies.  Printed in the early 1990's.  Artist José-María Cundín born in 1938.

Engraving Size: 31" W x 35" H

Conservation matting and technique with museum quality UV protection plexiglass. Available in four frame styles.

1: FEDERAL STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, 23KT gold leaf over blue clay, bronze wash, light rub, medium antique and light distress. Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50"H with a 3.50" cove profile.

2: ITALIAN STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, 12KT white gold leaf over red clay with a dragons blood shellac wash.  Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

3: ARTS & CRAFTS STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, solid walnut.  Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

4: CONTEMPORARY STYLE - Hand Crafted Frame, groove profile, white gold leaf over black clay, heavy rub with light antique.  Approximate framed size: 46" W x 50" H.

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