Discovering Design In The Country

Discovering Design In The Country

December 02, 2016

The wonderment of great design. An enjoyable video to watch! 

It seems like yesterday, yet it was 1979 that I was blessed to have one of my first interior design internships at this special place in Belmont, Michigan. As I look back over the years, I realize this experience impacted my life as a designer.

Absorbing all aspects of design as I worked with two amazingly talented individuals, Steve Frykholm and Nancy Phillips, along with relaxing on Herman Miller and Knoll furniture.

The experience helped me to understand great design, an education not always found in the classroom.

Below are classics from each company. The chairs featured in this video are the very same chairs I enjoyed sitting in over 25 years ago. Below Richard Schultz 1966 Outdoor furniture and the Eames Chaise.

In 1966, when Florence Knoll retired to Florida, she ask Richard Schultz to design outdoor furniture that could withstand the corrosive ocean air. The 1966 Collection is regarded as the first modern outdoor furniture and remains a classic investment. Available in several colors.


[The story from Herman Miller]
The Eames Chaise is soft, comfortable, and just 18 inches wide. When you lie on it, you naturally fold your arms over your chest. Should you doze off, your arms soon fall to your sides, waking you up. It's a beautiful place to relax for a spell in a study, den, or executive office. Museum quality modern furniture can easily blend in a traditional interiors.

Investment Quality Furniture Designed for Comfort and Beauty. 


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