Roberto Lauro Watercolor

An original watercolor signed by the artist, Roberto Lauro, who lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. Roberto is well known for his monumental sculptures and his works of art are in the collections of Museums and Private Collectors all over the world.
Framing: Conservation Quality Matt and UV Plexiglass. Imitation Gold Frame is custom-made from commercially produced moulding.
Bespoke: Inquire for Custom hand crafted frame from Quebracho. 
Overall Frame Size: 22" Wide x 25-1/2"
The fascinating encounter with dancing light reflexes on the vitality of the water in my youth on the beach of Jersey shaped my later artistic work. Currents of water, compared with liquid glass and the interplay of color and space by the light and led me to the variable image. The two-dimensional panel image by its abstraction from the object and a rhythm. Color vision allows, as in music, followed with wide metal plates spatial images and three-dimensional sculptures later with glass inclusions.
"Light equal to strength, energy, color and rhythm is the basic idea of ​​my work." ... Robert Lauro

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